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THREE SIXTY STORIES | The case of a customer satisfied with our digital solutions

Three Sixty Storiesis a visual communication studio that develops virtual tours with 360° photography for their clients to interact with their facilities, from a smartphone, tablet or computer. They are in charge of visiting the facilities, taking aerial and ground photographs and designing a customized user interface.

The team is composed of Maria Gonima, visual artist and photographer with more than 15 years of experience in post-production; Antonio Gonima, 360° photography expert, with more than 20 years of experience in branding and brand development; and Antonello Mazzei, documentary photographer, with extensive knowledge of analog and digital photography.

Our client’s need

This studio needed to create a visualization dashboard for the management of their leads, a business intelligence technology resource, based on their database, that would allow them to map their prospects, classify them and follow them up.

With this need in mind, Antonio Gonima, his co-founder, went to the web and came across Red Design Systems, felt that our agency met his expectations and contacted us. After two weeks in which we talked about his project, he realized that we understood his needs and decided to start working with us.

How did we do it?

By leveraging our experience in project management, we first resorted to videoconferencing tools to maintain communication with Three Sixty Stories and exchange information at every stage of the project.

In parallel, we had a team of professionals to focus on the specific need, including developers, operations professionals, a customer service representative and analysts.

Real-time communication, co-creation sessions, tools to gather requirements and ideas about the project, timely feedback and the concentration of our team in the development of the platform, were fundamental factors to advance in its development, testing and successful launch.

The Result

Prior to receiving our professional support, Three Sixty Stories used to do all of its prospect follow-up work by hand, using lists and other impractical resources, without much technology to facilitate the processes.

They now have an efficient platform that streamlines operations and allows them to visualize the areas in which they can work to plan their routes. This tool has helped them to significantly increase efficiency and be more practical in identifying prospects, classifying them, following up with them and applying the right strategies according to their specific needs.

And we continue to work together!

The strategic alliance we started with Three Sixty Stories recently is still in force and, after meeting their objectives with the platform for managing their leads, they are satisfied and recognize the quality of our work, as well as our ability to faithfully adapt to their needs. Cases like this are what have allowed us to establish long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients over the past 17 years.

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