”The team helped us tremendously to grow our E-Commerce”

LONGBOARDS USA | A success story in Continuity Marketing

Longboards USA is an online store selling Longboards and Skateboards of many different brands for the U.S. market. Its creators are located in Redwood City, California. In addition to the boards as such, they offer a wide variety of accessories for these sports and share content related to their practice.

Rene Saltzherr | Co-Founder – Longboards USA

For this platform, Red Design System designed a whole work plan that covered two essential areas:

  • Workflow management support, providing timely response to purchase orders for products offered on the Shopify website. As an end-to-end partner, we draw on our pool of resources to provide the right personnel to effectively manage your diverse business needs.
  • We create a work methodology to build eye-catching products with persuasive texts and visually stunning images that are then managed and put on sale on the website indicated by the client. This area also includes the creation and publication of visual content for their social networks, especially their Instagram profile, and interaction with followers and potential buyers.

For Longboards, Red Design Systems’ support has been essential to maintain their workflow, properly manage their online store and deliver in a timely manner all the visual communication pieces needed to announce new products, support seasonal campaigns, promote their extensive inventory and keep their followers informed and engaged.

This strategic alliance is a strong example of what we can achieve by putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes and understanding their needs to drive their projects forward.

Read the full case study here!

Red Design Systems

Red Design Systems

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