Three Sixty Stories

Three Sixty Stories is a visual communication studio that develops virtual tours with 360° photography for their clients to interact with their facilities, from a smartphone, tablet or computer. They are in charge of visiting the facilities, taking aerial and ground photography and designing a customized user interface.

This studio needed to create a visualization dashboard for managing their leads, a business intelligence technology resource, based on their database, that would allow them to map their prospects, categorize and follow up with them.

Prior to receiving our professional support, Three Sixty Stories used to do all the work of tracking their leads by hand, using lists and other impractical resources, without much technology to facilitate the processes.

Now they have an efficient platform that streamlines operations and allows them to visualize the areas they can work on to plan their routes. This tool has helped them to significantly increase efficiency and be more practical in identifying prospects, classifying them, following up with them and applying the right strategies according to their specific needs.