Creative Marketing / Naming / Branding / Web Development / Digital campaign / Character creation

It270 is an information technology company that develops systems for other companies, using state-of-the-art technologies.

Its three main lines of business are: software or hardware product development, business process innovation and risk management consulting.

The IT270 brand is the umbrella under which the sub-brands BeSafe360 and Risks360 operate. The former is a technology solution that enables companies to manage their profits, well-being, reporting, analysis, surveys and security.

The second offers real-time management of environmental, electoral, psychosocial and education risks.

For this company, our team has initiated a creative support project covering several areas and phases:
• Phase 1:
Complete conceptualization process of the BeSafe360 sub-brand, which included naming, graphic identity design, branding manual creation and launch campaign planning (creative marketing).

• Phase 2:
Creative concept, commercial pitch, design and development of websites for the main brand (IT270) and sub-brands (BeSafe360 and Risks360).

• Phase 3:
Execution of the launch campaign for the main brand and sub-brands.

• Phase 4:
Conceptualization and design of a character to promote active breaks in companies, with the support of a technological application.