How to Take Your Business to the Next Level - Techcetera Case Study

Red Design Systems was born in 2011 as a point of reference on technological issues to create a virtual community to talk about technology and its impact on the lives of users. 

Over the years, the community grew, creating the need to improve and enrich the content according to their interaction with the site. At this point, the company set itself the task of asking its readers about their experience in terms of navigation and information in the different publications. 

As a result of this research, the administrators found that, for users, the structure of the site was somewhat basic and that most of the articles found on the home page were only the most recent ones. On the other hand, the site presented navigation difficulties, as there was no connection between what was being searched for and the results returned. Concerning the loading time, there was a considerable delay to the point of losing the readers' interest, and sometimes the web page crashed due to the weight of the content and/or because some cybercriminals took it offline and it required constant maintenance.

With all this information gathered, TECHcetera started to work and with the help of Red Design Systems, we began to execute a site redesign plan based on the main ailments of the users.

Most of the users expressed dissatisfaction with the navigation of the site as mentioned above. Therefore, this was the first factor to address. The best options in technologies and integrations were reviewed to optimize the site's features and meet the wishes of its readers, authors, and editors. Subsequently, work began on brainstorming ideas and different tests to solve the problems encountered.

The result of the joint work was the creation of an innovative structure, completely unconventional and designed for a divergent and satisfactory browsing experience for users. Additionally, the modular design appeals to the aesthetics and look of TECHcetera as a brand, giving personality to the site and improving the visualization of publications. 

The site was developed as a universe of possibilities to find what each reader wants to see, immediately and without having to jump between pages, categories, or irrelevant information. On the contrary, the dynamics used by the site allow us to improve user navigation.

To the satisfaction of the work team, we can see that the restructuring of the site has borne fruit; so much so that readers and people from the media recognize the work done and see this change with positive eyes, as mentioned in the following Twitt.

This is an example of some of the positive responses we have received from our visitors and community of readers. This is how at Red Design Systems, we engage with our clients' projects to achieve optimal results through fresh ideas and innovative solutions,

Red Design Systems
04 February, 2022
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