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Say goodbye to endless marketing planning workflows with Design Sprint.

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It is true that when we plan a digital strategy or marketing campaign, the planning flows are a bit exhausting and often these consume more time than we had intended. However, there are some methods and processes that make our work easier, one of them is the Design Sprint, a methodology that helps accelerate the planning process and provides valuable and relevant information that ensures the expected success.

Design Sprint is a 6 phase methodology created by Jake Knapp in 2010 and updated in 2018 while he was working at Google. This type of methodology helps teams work together on solving a specific problem, speeds up decision-making considerably, and reduces risk in projects. It is also used to test new, slightly riskier ideas, solving the challenges of new proposals and design opportunities.

This methodology combines the Design Thinking system with innovation processes, agile techniques, and a user-centered design method. It manages to solve in five days what, traditionally, needs several months of analysis and meetings.

For startups and companies, generating marketing and communication content is a huge challenge. Every industry demands a very strong digital presence, quality content, infographics, ebooks, templates, photographs, videos, and much more. It can be overwhelming, and if the team is not fully aligned or there is a task that has a higher priority, the content strategy is usually set aside.

The Design Sprint can be very useful for planning a successful marketing and communication strategy really fast. Especially on those occasions when there is little time, we need to achieve outstanding results and we cannot let any obstacle or sudden problem make us lose focus on what is important as communication and marketing, so we need to find a way to make planning more efficient, bring the team together and move forward in a few days. Here is when the Design Sprint comes into action.

In marketing and communication, the Design Sprint can be used to develop email marketing and ad campaigns, think strategy plans, improve copywriting, raise the conversion ratio, optimize funnel and metrics, validate a certain branding and plan online and offline content, among other uses. This technique is so efficient that in only five days you will be able to develop a marketing and communication plan to execute in the next 3 and 6 months.

So, knowing how to use this method, we can say that the Design Sprint is the fastest way to implement, develop and launch your marketing campaign. In just a few days, you can successfully accomplish great things that otherwise would have taken you a long time. What are you waiting for to try? 


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19 August, 2021
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