Centenialls selling strategies:

Snapchat & Instagram.

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Since the rise of the internet in the last decade, many social media applications have been created in an attempt to connect us in a simple way. Out of the thousands of social media applications that have been created, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular around the world.

We are here to explain how companies use Instagram and Snapchat to sell to centennials through the eyes of the real centennial, our guest writer “Juan Lizcano”

1. How Instagram and Snapchat are used around the world

To start, we will begin by explaining how these applications are used around the world; considering people of different ages, race, and gender

“Snapchat and Instagram are popular because of how easily it connects all of us. “

Many people use these apps because they love sharing their personal experiences with others, using only their smartphones to take amazing photos about: food, travels, clothes, x-sports or whatever thing that they want to show. Another way these apps are used is simply:

“How easy they are for communication.”

On Instagram and Snapchat all you need is a person’s username and that’s all, immediately you have access to a private DM’s who let you: calling your friends, see their sharing posts and even know their location on Snapchat. Improving the speed and way that you can communicated and getting stronger your personal brand.

2. How Centennials use Instagram and Snapchat

Centennials really are interesting people, they were born after the year 2000 and they grew up like:

“Digital native citizents”

Me writing this as a centennial, I can relate knowing how I never had to go to the library to research something or have to visit a friend’s house just to talk to them.

Centennials use Instagram and Snapchat because they can use it too presents their personality, looks, and interests to everyone. Centennials are selfish, seem to be more self-centered than most other generations, so having a platform to easily share the amazing things they have done like Instagram is perfect for them.

“Their social media pages almost act like a personal brand to them”

This is because everything they do or like is up there for the world to see, and “likes and comments” are almost seen as the reward or revenue for posting things on Instagram or Snapchat.

The guys love to use it to show off their hobbies and what type of music they are into.

The girls love it for showing off their looks with selfies, and also sharing photos from social events or gatherings they have been to.

3. How companies sell to centennials on Instagram and Snapchat

Since these 2 social media platforms are so popular lots of companies around the world have figured out different strategies to generate revenue off the Centennials. The two major ways that are used to sell are:

“Advertising and collecting data”

To start advertising is how Snapchat generates most of its revenue. On Snapchat there is a news section below where the popular “stories” can be seen.

Companies who import more money will be seen at the top of stories and increase the clicked ranking; since Centennials are always checked their friends’ “stories” and engaging with their posts.

Another huge way Snapchat advertises on its platform is by using their AR technology.

Centennials love to mess around with filters and see how wacky they can look, so when a new movie is coming out the company can pay to have a filter made of a character in the movie. If this filter looks cool there is a high chance of a user posting it and therefore advertising the movie.

Instagram uses both advertising and collecting data for its revenue stream. The advertising part of Instagram is just as simple as stated above. A company pays Instagram to have its product/service advertised between posts.

The data part is more interesting because this is how Instagram also makes a huge amount of its revenue.

What they do is use cookies/Big Data to collect your interests and what you may want to purchase. They collect what corporations you follow, what hashtags you may be posting and also just the pages you visit to see if they may be connected to a product/service. They then collect all of this data and sell it to companies to can use it to advertise to the right person.

4. Tips for companies on how to sell to centennials

To conclude, we wanted to give some tips about “how to sell centennials on social media”. Centennials are very different people and it´s necessary to create a specific digital strategy.

To start, we want to express how important it make your product simple to purchase and understand. Centennials are very impatient compared to past generations and they will choose convenience over brands, so getting simplicity down is a must.

Another thing to understand about Centennials is that they love influencers on social media. Sponsoring online influencers on social media can have massive returns, due to how the centennials look up to them and want to support what their influencer supports.

Going viral
Finally, Centennials love memes or things that can go viral. Take for example “the ice bucket challenge” that went viral in 2014.

ALS raised 115 million dollars off a stupid meme where a person would pour ice cold water on themselves. It is very possible to start things like this all it needs is a good campaign.

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07 July, 2020