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With the expansion of social media and the internet today, the web is the biggest place for anyone person to get their information. In 2015 alone, the advertising market on conventional media stood at 11,078.2 million euros. With this information in mind, entrepreneurs should be wondering if they should be moving from traditional media to online advertising? It is a fair decision to consider how many people access the internet every day. The benefits of digital advertising are cheaper services, access to more potential customers, and an easier way to spread your business around.

Traditional advertising has been working very effectively in the last decade but, with the rise of the internet, many companies have switched to Digital Marketing, because it allows companies to advertise on a platform on which lots of people depend every day. This lets companies explore new tactics to gain more customers.

More examples of these new strategies that can be explored are advertising on different big web platforms like #Instagram, #Youtube, and #Google which are just a few of the
biggest platforms that are visited by millions of people daily and, with these daily returning customers, there is a good chance more than one of them will be interested in the company.

Digital Marketing can also save company resources on expenditures because they need only a crew of people to be making ads and commercials instead of the traditional bigger part of the company dedicated to advertising. This is a cheaper and more effective business strategy.

However, as with many things, digital advertising has some risks and limitations. One downside of Digital Marketing is that it can make advertising vulnerable to cybercriminals and hackers. That will be one of the key concerns that entrepreneurs may have. But, with the ever-growing web, there will be more ways to enhance and increase security measures.

With the ever-expanding web today, companies have many options on how to advertise their product/service. Digital Marketing allows the companies to reach a larger demographic of people every day while keeping the price lower than traditional media and it’s expected to grow as long as the #Internet does.

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07 July, 2020